py4cytoscape was originally written by Barry Demchak with the help of many others, particularly the developers of RCy3, on which py4cytoscape is based. Thanks to everyone who has improved py4cytoscape by contributing code, bug reports (and fixes), documentation, and input on design, features, and the future of py4cytoscape.


This section aims to provide a list of people and projects that have contributed to py4cytoscape. It is intended to be an inclusive list, and anyone who has contributed and wishes to make that contribution known is welcome to add an entry into this file. Generally, no name should be added to this list without the approval of the person associated with that name.

Creating a comprehensive list of contributors can be difficult, and the list within this file is almost certainly incomplete. Contributors include testers, bug reporters, contributors who wish to remain anonymous, funding sources, academic advisors, end users, and even build/integration systems.

Do you want to make your contribution known? If you have commit access, edit this file and add your name. If you do not have commit access, feel free to open an issue, submit a pull request, or get in contact with one of the official team members.

Original Authors

Keiichiro Ono
Jorge Bouças
Kozo Nishida
Barry Demchak


Optionally, add your desired name and include a few relevant links. The order is partially historical, and now, mostly arbitrary.

The NetworkX documentation is excellent, and we borrowed both wording and structure liberally.


py4cytoscape and those who have contributed to py4cytoscape have received support throughout the years from a variety of sources. We list them below. If you have provided support to py4cytoscape and a support acknowledgment does not appear below, please help us remedy the situation, and similarly, please let us know if you’d like something modified or corrected.


py4cytoscape acknowledges support from the following: